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MOBALE January 2017 Newsletter

MOBALE January 2017

VOL 1 No. 1 - January, 2017,


Welcome to the first ever edition of the MOBALE newsletter! Its purpose is to keep the community updated on our organization’s programs, goals and accomplishments, to showcase athletes, volunteers and sponsors, and announce news, up-coming events and activities. This issue focuses on who we are and what we do. Future issues will include more about why our program is so important, and ways that you can help out and support our athletes. 

  2017 WINTER SPORTS CAMP at SUGALOAF USA - Feb 12-14 2017 

Visit our website for more details on the weekend activities and how to register.

FAQs…Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Education for youth with visual impairments

WHO ARE WE? Established in 2015, MOBALE’s format is based on a model followed by a previous Sports Education Camp (SEC) in New England. The SEC is an alternative model of providing instruction in motor skill development in a structured manner that meets the unique needs of youth who are blind or have low vision.

HOW DID WE DEVELOP OUR PROGRAM? MOBALE is affiliated with Western Michigan University and adheres to their “Access Sports Model”, an alternative to models for sighted youth in its attention to development of motor skills in a way that meets the needs of those who, because of limited vision, cannot adequately learn or compete in traditional models for those who are sighted. Adaptations
are also made in equipment and playing fields to enable full and meaningful participation.

WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE? We strive to provide a program that enables youth athletes who are blind and visually impaired to gain awareness of spatial concepts, improve physical health, gain sports knowledge and skills and set goals for their personal well-being.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Youth who are visually impaired in grades 3-12 from any New England state.

WHAT DO WE OFFER?  We offer both summer and winter programs held at various community locations which MOBALE leases for the duration of the camps. Athletes receive both group and individual training in each sport/activity they engage in at sports education camps, workshops or events including: swimming, bowling, goalball, fencing, wrestling, gymnastics, Zumba, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ice skating.

ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT- Who better to grace our first newsletter than our own, Lindsay Ball! Sport: Paralympic Alpine skiing  Hometown: Benton, Maine

Lindsay began skiing when she was just 6 years old. She began racing competitively in high school and was named to the US Paralympic Development Team. She competed in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Lindsay is on the MOBALE board of directors and volunteers at SEC.


MOBALE sports camps would not be possible without the generous support              of our sponsors who believe in our mission, our athletes and our ability to deliver a quality program.


ROTARY International - THE IRIS Nwtwork - LIONS International - Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aux

 MOBALE is committed to instituting precautions to guard the safety of all athletes. Volunteers are required to pass background checks, take an online “Safe Sport” training about how to prevent athlete abuse and train in proper sighted guide technique. The organization is governed by a board of directors, maintains its own liability insurance and requires proof of insurance from all event facilities.


MOBALE website:           

Watch blind paralympic runners compete:

Download a copy of the MOBALE January 2017 newsletter in Word format

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