Board of Directors


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Board of Directors

Lindsay Ball, B.A.:

Lindsay has been involved in sports and competitive athletics for a majority of her life. She started skiing at the age of six. From there her love for sports grew. She attended the Sports Education Camps in Maine for many years throughout elementary and middle school. In middle school she began running track which led her to run cross country and track in high school. Lindsay started competitive skiing in high school and continued through college. She earned a spot on the United States National Paralympic Team in 2012. This led her to qualifying for the U.S. team for the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Along the way she earned three National Championship titles as well as a Bronze medal in her first ever World Cup race. She accomplished much of this while working on a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology , which she completed in 2013. Lindsay continues to ski and run for fun and has recently become involved in MOBALE to help other blind or visually impaired individuals become active and strive for athletic success.

Nicholas Giudice, Ph.D.:

Dr. Giudice is a professor at the University of Maine, where he directs the VEMI Lab ( He is a leading researcher in the design of cutting-edge nonvisual and multimodal technology for improving environmental perception, navigation, and information access by blind and visually impaired people. He has authored or co-authored over 130 scientific publications, collaborated on more than $8 million in research funding, and has advised over 50 students.

Dr. Giudice   has a long history of participation in both competitive and recreational sports, including wrestling in high school, playing competitive goalball in graduate school through involvement with the United States Association for Blind Athletes, and tandem cycling and weight lifting for more than 20 years. He has also helped with staffing / mentoring for annual winter and summer Sports Education Camps in Maine since 2012. As a blind athlete, educator, and expert in assistive technology, he brings a wealth of first-hand knowledge and real-world experience to Mobale’s board and to the athletes we support.  

Aisha Hixon, M.Ed.:

Aisha entered the blindness profession in 2012 and earned her certification as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist in 2013. In addition, she has presented a number of workshops at professional blindness conferences during this time. Aisha also has a bachelor degree in recreation therapy and has extensive experience in competitive athletics. Ms. Hixon has been involved in the Maine Sports Education Camps since 2012, where she provides instruction in running and standing long jump, ten pin bowling, and beep baseball, to name a few. Aisha currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of MOBALE, as well as the Co-director of the summer camp.
Michelle Mason, M.A.:

Michelle earned a Masters degree in Blind Rehabilitation, and has been in the blindness profession for over 20 years.  During this time she has worked with children, adults, and adult veterans as a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, a Teacher of Visually Impaired Children, and Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist. She has created a recreational program, a low vision program, and an aerobic program for persons with visual impairments.  Ms. Mason has volunteered at the Maine Sports Education Camp for the previous 8 years as assistant director for most of that time. Michelle currently serves as
Director of the Summer Sports Education Camp,

John Mc Mahon, Ph.D.:

Dr. Mc Mahon has been in the blindness profession for more than 30 years. During this time he has been a national figure in promoting full inclusion of blind people into school, work, and community. Dr. Mc Mahon is a former competitive athlete, wrestling in both high school and college, and was a national champion wrestler in the United States Association for Blind Athletes National Championships in 1989. Dr. Mc Mahon has conducted research on the impact of Sports Education Camps on participant’s physical performance, Self-Perception, and level of Physical Activity. In addition, Dr. Mc Mahon has staffed Sports Education Camps in various parts of the country for more than 20 years.

Amber Mooney, M.Ed:

Amber joined the blindness rehabilitation field in 2012 after living and volunteering in Nicaragua for a couple of years.  Amber earned a Master’s in Education, and received her professional certification as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist in 2015.  Since 2013, she has been a part of Maine’s Sports Education Camps helping to coordinate, facilitate and support anything else that needs to be done. Amber currently serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of MOBALE.

Kimberly Stumph, M.S., M.Ed.:

Kim earned a masters degree in Science - Low Vision Rehabilitation from Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University).  She subsequently earned a masters degree in Education with a concentration in Orientation and Mobility and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy.  She has been in the blindness profession for 36 years. Along the way she received professional certifications in Low Vision Therapy, Orientation and Mobility, Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, and through ophthalmology as an Ophthalmic Assistant, Technician and Technologist. Kim has a long history of competitive sports experience going back to her childhood.   Competed at both the high school and college levels in lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, power volleyball and crosscountry.  She has also held positions as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and aquatherapy instructor.  She has been a volunteer instructor at the Maine Sports Education Camp for the past 6 years, serving as the on-site director of the Winter camp, and as an instructor of swimming, shot put and discus throwing at the summer camp. Kim currently serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of MOBALE.

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