Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sports Camp 2018 Schedule

 Please note: Sports Camp schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions and availability of facilities. Download Summer Sports Schedule 2018.

Wednesday  June 20

1030 Volunteers arrive @ Camp Tracy lodge– check in and gather for meeting;  302 McGrath Pond, Oakland, ME

12-1 volunteer meeting @ Camp Tracy lodge, bring your own lunch

1-2 athlete check in and orientation @ Camp Tracy lodge

2-230 pre-camp interview @ Camp Tracy cabins

3-4 Pre-camp physical test @ Camp Tracy soccer field

4-5 Motion class with athletes @ Camp Tracy lodge (all volunteers and athletes)

5-5:45 dinner @ Camp Tracy lodge

6-7– archery @ Camp Tracy

7:15-8:45– Soccer @ Camp Tracy

915-9:45 athletes meeting @ Camp Tracy cabins

9:45-1015 shower and bed

1015-10:45 staff meeting @ Camp Tracy

Thursday  June 21

6:45-7:15 wake-up

730-8 breakfast @ Camp Tracy

830-10 track and field – track @ Waterville High School (30 min); 1 Brooklyn Ave, Waterville

Running – group 1
Discuss/shot put – group 2
Long/running jump – group 3

(Set up Goalball)

1030-12 Goalball @Alfond Center – all athletes (Goalball pre-test)

12-1245 lunch @ Alfond Center, 126 North St, Waterville, ME

1-3 Alfond Center

gymnastic – group 1
Swimming – group 2


Rock climbing – all athletes

415-545 Wrestling @ Alfond Center – all athletes

545-630 dinner @ Alfond Center

7-8:30 bowling @ Augusta Spare Time Bowling
215 Whitten Rd, Hallowell, ME 04347 623-6000; Donna Bowden

915-9:45 athlete meeting @ Camp Tracy

9:45-10:15 shower and bed time

10:15 staff meeting

Friday June 22

6:45-7:15 Wake-up

730-8 breakfast @ Camp Tracy

830-10 track and field – track @ Waterville High School (30 min)
Running – group 1
Discuss/shot put – group 2
Long/running jump – group 3

1030-12 Goalball @ Alfond Center – all athletes

12-1245 lunch @ Alfond Center

1-4 Alfond Center (60 min)

1-2 Martial Arts – everyone together (1 hr)

2-3 Zumba - everyone together (1 hr)

3-4 Martial Arts – everyone together (1 hr)

4-530 Wrestling @Alfond Center – all athletes

5:30-6 dinner @ Alfond Center

615-815 Wrestling competition @ Alfond Youth Center

(Post camp interview)

845-9:45 athletes meeting @ Camp Tracy

9:45-10:15 showers and bed

10:15 staff meeting

Saturday  June 24

6:45-7:15 Wake-up

730-8 breakfast @ Camp Tracy

830-10 Track and Field Competition @ Waterville High School (post camp eval.)

1030-1130 karate competition @ Alfound Center

1130-1230 Goalball Competition @ Alfond Center (post camp eval)

12:30-2 Award Ceremony/lunch @ Alfond Center


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring MOBALE Newsletter!

June 20-23!

Sports camp students wrestling on mats.

Newsletter:  Vol. 2, No. 1 – April, 2018

Despite a sneak preview of summer in February, winter reappeared with a vengeance in March! But, the MOBALE board is in the mood for summer and the 2018 Camp. This year’s SEC will once again be held in Waterville, Maine at Camp Tracy and the Alfond Center, June 20-23. We hope to be adding soccer to an exciting array of sports which include beep baseball, archery, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, rock climbing, bowling, track and field and goal ball. For many visually impaired youth, the MOBALE sports camp is the only time they get to fully participate in an organized group sport that is adapted for their unique needs. They also learn about individual sports that can become a life-long opportunity for fun ways to achieve health and fitness. Visually impaired youth in grades 3-12 may register at www.mobale.org.

 WHAT MAKES US RUN? and jump and climb and


Although the actual cost is over $600 per athlete, MOBALE is proud to offer the Sports Education Camp to visually impaired and blind youth of New England at no personal cost. Sponsors and donors provide financial resources for equipment, lodging and meals for the athletes.


$15: A Camp tee shirt for one athlete                        
$15: A night of bowling for one athlete
$25: Goalball goggles for one athlete                       
$20: A soccer ball with bells inside
$13: Elbow pads for one athlete                           
$15: Knee pads for one athlete

It’s easy to donate with PAYPAL!    https://www.paypal.me/MobaleT
OR  Choose any amount-let us choose the equipment: send a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card  Send to:   MOBALE SPORTS   - 225 Chase St  -  Readfield, MAINE  - 04355

ANOTHER WAY TO CONTRIBUTE: MOBALE partners with Hannaford CLYNK, bottle return.  Contact Michelle at 207-208-6354 for labels.


2016 Volunteer of the Year, Cheryl Gannon, can answer that question. “The first time I was asked to volunteer, I said, “I’m too old for that! But, I relented, and by the end of the 4 days, I found out I was NOT too old .In fact, I had such a great time, I signed up for next year on the spot!” Cheryl will be back for a 4th year in 2018. “I can’t think of many more things in life better than seeing a smile on a kid’s face.” As a teacher of students who are blind, Cheryl is in the trenches every day, witnessing the hard work that her students do to keep up with their sighted peers. Many of them struggle in gym class and are not very physically fit since they don’t have the same opportunities to learn by watching or to participate in team sports. SEC provides not only the chance to try out team and individual sports, but it teaches important life skills: teamwork, healthy competition, following directions and perseverance in learning new skills, social interaction, friendship and camaraderie. “I was most impressed with the high expectations conveyed by SEC volunteers and the fact that the kids were referred to as ‘athletes’. The growth, not only in their athletic skill, but also their independence and self-confidence, was amazing.”
VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED AND WELCOME!  For the safety of the athletes, volunteers must get an online background check and view an online course in safety in youth sports. Find out more information and/or sign up to volunteer on our website.

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