Monday, February 29, 2016

Got P.E.?

One of the barriers we hear most is related to accessing physical education classes for students with visual impairments. Do you have questions? Does the teacher at your local school have an interest in engaging students who are blind or visually impaired more?

Reach out to us! We want to assist in any way we can to encourage full participation in a variety of physical activities, health and wellness training for your student!!

For more information, contact Michelle Mason at or Aisha Hixon at

Oh No!! No Snow?!

Who would have thought that we would have brown grass showing in February with predictions of temperature above freezing for the next few days?
It's crazy!

And unfortunately, this nice spring weather in February/March has sabotaged our plans for the scheduled MOBALE Winter Sports Education Camp this week.   We were ready; our fundraising committee did a great job of making sure we had what we needed.  We gave Mother Nature as long as we could to turn it around and snow on us, but it just didn't happen.  Without snow, we cannot do our instruction in Nordic skiing, sledding, tubing or snowshoeing; and without consistent freezing temperatures, we do not have ice for skating.  We are very disappointed that we cannot do these activities this year.

But don't just lay in the couch waiting for summer sports education camp time.  Keep moving and learning!  Visit the website ( for some ideas and suggestions of activities you can do to keep yourself up and about until we see you again.

We have a lot of great things planned for summer sports education camp this June -- including some new surprises!  

Hope to see you this summer!

Thanks for your continued interest!! 

MOBALE Board of Directors